New recycling rules require all businesses to separate recyclables from trash, and post clear signs for customers and staff.
Composting is recycling organic material and it can have benefits for your business.
Sustainability is Appreciated.
In today’s world, awareness is everything and caring about the earth is cool. Clients, colleagues, and competitors notice eco-friendly efforts. Composting is a simple way to contribute to a better environment.
Cost Savings.
Organics are one of the heaviest components of waste; by composting you can reduce the amount of trash your hauler collects, which can positively impact your waste bill.
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For large restaurants, commissaries, and cafeterias, you’ll want to chat with your waste hauler about organics recycling options.
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Reduced Odors and Pests.
Placing food scraps in sealed, leak-proof toters instead of black trash bags makes it harder for rats and insects to get in and for odors to get out.
Employee Education.
Composting and recycling can give your employees a greater connection to their work. Participating in earth conscious practices daily has a positive effect on morale.
For a healthier planet.
Throwing organic material into the garbage is harmful to the environment. Organic material decomposing in landfills releases harmful methane, a gas 20 times more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.*
First Steps to Starting a Program
Understanding the intricacies of organics can help you make better, greener choices for your business.
The first thing you’ll want to do is look at the bill from your waste hauler.
Given the size of NYC, it’s hard for haulers to measure the exact amount of waste on a daily, or even weekly basis. Typically, everything is measured once, and then a monthly fee is determined based on that number.
When adding compost collection to your recycling routine, it’s important to re-negotiate your contract. The waste hauler will charge you an additional fee for new collection; but your landfill waste should shrink significantly, reducing your bill.

*The United States Environmental Protection Agency