Community Composters

Community composting is a growing movement in NYC. Keeping resources local is the most sustainable way to recycle organic material.

There are over 200 community compost sites and 8 to 10 mid-size compost operations in the 5 boroughs. These sites can be a garden with a compost pile or a fully functioning farm, and can be privately held or city owned and maintained by a nonprofit or organized residents.
Community composting usually includes one or more of the following components:
Local Processing:
Organic material is processed and composted as close to the source of generation as possible.
Open to a Community:
The site must take in organic material from more than one source within the community.
Education and Participation:
The compost site educates the local community about sustainable waste management and local food systems. While volunteers or staff from the community run the site or help to process the material.
Closing the Loop:
The compost is within the community. The vegetation grown with that compost directly benefits the community that generated the original materials.

Check out this map to find Community Composting sites operating in your area.

So, what’s happening in the Community Compost world?
Non-profits and community members are joining together to create more compost sites in NYC.
Volunteering at an existing Community Compost site can be a great way to get started.

Or you could start your own urban farming venture!
Starting a site