Learning about the Local Organics Recovery Program
As part of the city’s effort toward more sustainable waste practices, The NYC Compost Project also includes the Local Organics Recovery Program (LORP).
The LORP projects are managed by select local nonprofits who work with DSNY to collect and process organic material from drop-off programs, like Greenmarkets.
The LORP projects handle over 100 tons of organic material per year!
The LORP projects include:
1. Lower East Side Ecology Center East River Park Compost Yard, Lower East Side, Manhattan

LESEC was founded in 1987 as one of the first organizations to offer community based composting in NYC. LESEC manages the community compost drop-off location at the Union Square Green Market, open 4 days a week, and hosts the NYC Compost Project in Manhattan for city residents. For years LESEC has been integral to compost and recycling education in NYC, offering hundreds of collection opportunities, classes, resources, and public programs.

Location: East River Park, just south of the Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan

Type of System: In-vessel, and windrows with vermicomposting for curing

Feedstock:  Union Square Greenmarket compost collection, Lower East Side Ecology Center drop-off

Capacity: 200,000 lbs per year

Staff: All staff processing, no volunteer



2. Earth Matter NY Compost Learning Center, Governor’s Island

Earth Matter runs a highly visible, tourist-friendly compost site on Governor’s Island. The organization composts organic material from various public drop-off locations around the city. The site engages many volunteers, both through group volunteer days, and regular workdays, and hosts hands-on education programs.

Location: Compost Learning Center, Governor’s Island

Type of System: Open pile, enclosed bins, 2 and 3 bin systems, and chickens

Feedstock:  Governor’s Island Food Scrap Drop-Off Sites and New Amsterdam Market Public Drop-Off

Capacity: Processed 94,954 pounds of food scraps during May-September 2014

Staff: 4 adult staff, 12 high school interns, 18 regular Outpost volunteers, and other volunteers


3. BIG Compost! Baby Park Aerated Static Pile, Long Island City, Queens, Brooklyn Grange, Long Island City location, QueensSocrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, Queens

Build It Green began as a reuse center for NYC’s construction and demolition materials, but has since expanded to include a large composting operation that collects and processes food scraps from community drop-off locations. The compost is used in curbside trees, community gardens, and beautification projects.

Location: Queensbridge Baby Park, Brooklyn Grange, and Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens

Type of System: 2-3 bin system, open pile, and vermicomposting

Feedstock: Food scraps from a number of city drop-off site, ncluding Greenmarket and subway drop-offs

Capacity: Diverted 267,230 pounds of food scraps so far in 2013

Staff: BIG! staff and volunteers

4. Added Value Red Hook Community Farm, Red Hook, Brooklyn

The Farm’s community compost program is the largest in Brooklyn, with an all volunteer-based, manually turned windrow system, using only sustainable resources. Some of the feedstock comes from the Farm itself or from the customers who buy at the Farm’s weekly produce market at the site. Most of the finished compost is used on the farm to grow the crops that are then sold at the produce market, which helps close the loop in the neighborhood.

Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn

Type of System:  Turned windrows, with solar-powered aerated static piles

Feedstock: Farm organic material, Farm’s market buyers’ kitchen scraps, GrowNYC’s Greenmarket compost collections, and other partners

Capacity: Over 225 tons per year

Staff:  100% Volunteer-Based

LORP needs your help!
Many of these sites depend on volunteer work to compost food scraps from the city’s Greenmarket drop-off locations.
Check out the community calendar to find opportunities to volunteer.
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