Where to Bring Organics

As a New Yorker, you’ll likely bring your compostable materials to a city Greenmarket, but there are also community gardens and nonprofits where you can quickly drop your compost.
Look for the drop-off location nearest you!
GrowNYC Greenmarkets

Grow NYC started the Greenmarket collection program, which allows residents to drop food scraps at their local Greenmarkets. The scraps go to community compost sites and the compost is used for local greening projects.

Find a GrowNYC compost drop-off near you!

Community Gardens

NYC is home to more than 600 registered community gardens, some of which compost food scraps onsite. Gardens and community composting sites are great places to learn more about composting!

You can see a list of some community garden sites with free public food scraps drop-off by visiting GreenThumb or just swing by during open hours to inquire.

View our comprehensive maps of all drop-off locations across the city:

NYC Compost Maps

After you drop-off your food scraps, they are collected and processed by either a city compost site or nonprofit organization in NYC.

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