At Common Ground, we love trying things and testing theories, so much so, we've had the opportunity to pitch in and produce pilot programs throughout the city.
“At the 14th Street Y, we understand that our community makes us who we are. So we try to listen when people in our community make suggestions like “why not do a composting drop-off pilot at the 14th Street Y”? This was Laura’s suggestion, and we thought it was a dynamite one that many others in our community would like to see as well. With Laura’s help, we learned the best ways to collect and store food waste, the kinds of foods and items that people could compost, and ways to communicate the importance of composting. Making greener choices and protecting the world in which we live is important to us, and Laura’s expertise helped us take a giant step forward.”
“Laura is an urban compost master and has been invaluable to me, and the schools that I’ve worked with. She was vital to The District 3 Composting Pilot. And best of all, she’s a really nice person!”
“Laura is passionate about sustainability and is a seasoned composting professional.
It was thanks to Laura that, in February 2012, the team got 4 months of donated services from private hauler IESI. This launched a composting pilot in 8 schools on the Upper West Side. Today, the pilot has been expanded by the Departments of Sanitation and Education to almost 500 NYC public schools. Laura was the match that lit the fuse.”
“Laura provided us with guidance, and support in creating a composting program at one of our schools where we serve lunch. She was very generous with her time, and happy to share her knowledge of the composting process with us.

She also made herself available for questions and support, and her connections in the field were very impressive. She provided great value helping us navigate through the variety of haulers, while also helping us sign our contract. Her response time is impeccable, and her dedication is unmatched. 

She is incredibly passionate about composting, and loves working with students, and adults alike. I couldn't imagine setting this program up without her guidance and expertise.”
If you’re thinking of starting a program – let us know – we’re happy to offer advice or roll up our sleeves and get involved!