At Common Ground, we’re all about experiments!
That’s why we’ve created, invested, and developed pilot programs that facilitate the
recycling of organic material in new and innovative ways!
Reusable Takeout Container Program
Shareware is currently in development.

However, it's a program that will test a new model in food delivery and takeout: free & reusable containers for NYC restaurant goers & residents.

Shareware works as an exchange program for neighborhood restaurants with repeat customers.
More On Shareware Coming Soon!
Compost Collection & Bike Hauling
Reclaimed Organics tests the model of local, sustainable compost collection by bike. Started in the East Village, Reclaimed Organics collects food scraps and brings them to local community gardens to be composted.
Learn more about Reclaimed Organics
Community Compost Collect & Drop
Common Ground was very lucky to partner with the 14th Street Y to create NYC’s first 7-day-a-week compost drop-off program. Open to the public, community members can drop their food scraps whenever it fits into their routine. With great uptake and consistency in collections, we’re testing the theory of convenience in composting.
Learn more about the Compost Collect & Drop
Sustainability Workshops
C.O.R.E. (Community Organics Recycling Education) is an educational initiative focused on organics recycling. C.O.R.E. is an evolving series of workshops, videos, field trips, and printed materials provided to the community at no or very little cost.

This is our effort to educate the community on what matters most in composting, through our network of expert Urban Farmers, Master Composters, and Soil Scientists.
Let us know if you have an idea for an education-related project.

We’re not the only ones growing good ideas!

If you have a thought for a pilot project and need help getting it off the ground, give us a shout.

Common Ground offers microloans to community composting and waste management ventures in need of small-scale resources or a startup push.

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