What To Include In Your Compost?

Every compost pile is different in terms of heat & process, which means that the items that go into each pile are also different.

Always check with the organization you're composting with before putting your items in the compost bin.
Always Include:
Fruit & Vegetable Scraps
Leaves & Dried Flowers
Grass Clippings
Wood Chips & Mulch
Egg & Nut Shells
Rice, Bread, & Wheats
Sometimes Include (depending on the pile):
Food Soiled Paper Products
Meat & Bones
Seafood & Shells
Dairy Products
Fats, Oils, & Grease
Compostable Plastics
Never Include:
Plants Infected with Disease or Insects
Evergreen Leaves
Ivy & Pernicious Weeds
Poisonous Plants
Feces (from any animal)
Non-Compostable Plastics
Hazardous Chemicals & Cleaning Supplies
Plastics & Glass

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