There Are Few Things More Important To Us Than Food.
Common Ground Compost
Works with the NYC community to facilitate the recycling of organics in any capacity— supporting the health & sustaining the growth of urban communities.
Schools & Nonprofits
  • Education and training tailored to age and environment
  • Consulting and recycling solutions designed for each specific community group
Master Composters & Urban Farmers
Community Gardens
  • Investing and developing new ideas, and proven composting ventures
  • Contributing to positive change in the community each day
Working with Common Ground means investing in the health of New York, through volunteering in community gardens and donations to pilot programs, most of what comes into Common Ground goes directly back into helping make NYC greener.
We’re not alone in this industry, in fact, we’re part of a network of individuals and organizations working toward a common goal.
Here are just a few of the organizations we work with, support, and believe in.
A New Yorker with a passion for recycling & sustainability, and food.


Laura Rosenshine is the founder of Common Ground Compost and a lover of all things food-related. She began her career in composting through a New Zealand sustainable living program. Upon returning to NYC, Laura launched into multiple trashy realms: working in the commercial waste sector; working with a Norwegian-based technology company, piloting in-vessel organics processing in NYC; and consulting for small-businesses, schools, and nonprofits on ways to introduce organics recycling into their organizations.

Laura became a Master Composter in 2012 through the New York City Compost Project, and in the spring of 2012 she designed, implemented, and managed a public school cafeteria composting pilot in 4 NYC schools with the help and dedication of 6 parents. The program was soon adopted by the Department of Sanitation, and has now expanded to nearly 700 schools across the city. That same year, she also began piloting a residential drop-off program at the 14th Street Y, wherein 180 families joined the program within weeks.

Laura is a member of the Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board (SWAB), treasurer of nonprofit EarthMatter, and a member of the New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling. Through her commitment to composting, Laura has gained lasting relationships in the community, believing that working together is the best way to increase recycling awareness in NYC.

A waste and infrastructure enthusiast who sees resources in what we throw away.


Meredith Danberg-Ficarelli is a green business entrepreneur with a Masters in Urban Policy Analysis and Sustainability Management from the New School, New York. In 2012 she concepted, co-founded, and managed FERN [Food Establishments Recycling Nutrients], a sustainable waste management organization in Beirut, Lebanon which presented a model for green job creation in the Middle East drawing attention from the United Nations and international aid organizations.

After returning from Beirut, Meredith worked at the Lower East Side Ecology Center as a Marketing Director and Program Developer for the Gowanus eWaste Warehouse. Meredith was lucky enough to audit the 2015 Master Composter class during that time, deepening her knowledge of compost science. Meredith joined Common Ground Compost in October 2015, and her dog Franklin was adopted into the team one month later. Meredith volunteers and works with organizations across the Northeast, including CitySoil in Boston and Talk Trash City in New York City. A lover of cities and maker of things, Meredith builds furniture from trash and finds nothing more satisfying than seeing well-sorted waste stations.