Zero Waste Services
We work with all businesses, but we focus on commercial office buildings and food businesses. We've also worked with schools, residential buildings, commissaries, and more.
Waste Diversion Guidance
Through the suite of services listed below, we work with clients to identify opportunities to reduce waste and save money, through purchasing shifts, materials reuse, new waste diversion programs, donations, and more!
Waste Program Design
A full suite of zero waste program services, including site assessments, infrastructure recommendations, materials staging and disposal procedures, waste policy development, short- and long-term goals setting, and signage, labels, and design guidance tailored to your brand and needs.
Waste Operations Guidance
Once a waste program is in place, we help you stick to it with standard operating procedures, compliance checklists, waste tracking guidelines and more.
Education and Training
Virtual and in-person trainings, workshops, and education about recycling, composting, zero waste lifestyle, waste equity, and client/site-specific waste operations.
Waste Audits
Multiple scales and approaches to auditing waste, from simple weight surveys to full service characterization studies that meet LEED, TRUE, and other certification standards as needed.
Data Analytics and Carbon Emissions Reduction Forecasting
Using waste audit data where available, as well as hauling invoices and any other metrics available to a client and/or site, deliver reports, recommendations, and insights on building waste metrics and waste-related carbon savings.
Infrastructure Procurement and Management
Guide the redistribution, purchasing, layout, use, and design of waste infrastructure.
Hauling Cost and Pricing Analysis
Review existing waste hauling arrangements and pricing, and assist with restructuring waste billing to improve transparency, answering questions including; which waste streams are we paying for? What is the cost per unit of each waste stream? How does waste reduction impact our waste costs?
Regulatory Compliance
Recycling can be confusing! We sort out municipal rules so you don't have to!
WATS: Waste Administration + Tracking Software
Our WATS platform digitizes our consulting services. Use WATS to organize waste operations, training, invoicing, documents, waste assessments, and to gain insights through real-time waste metrics and carbon reporting.
Customized Recycling Signage and Design
Signage Examples:

Recycling and Waste Signage

Waste Room Reorganization and Labeling

Waste Signage Design Services to Suit Your Needs!