We work to facilitate the recycling of organic matter, in any capacity, in urban environments.
Through educational training, investing in pilots programs, consulting with commercial businesses/non-profits/schools, partnering with community gardens, and connecting waste haulers and other organizations in the industry – Common Ground hopes to create a gateway to composting in NYC.
We offer NYC residents, businesses and organizations:
Waste Recycling Audit & Analysis.

Waste Audits are a great way to quickly understand the waste your organization creates. Audits determine approximately how much your organization is throwing into the trash, recycling, and compost by weight and percentage. The results are helpful in negotiating prices with your hauler, and can reveal areas where purchasing can be reduced, along with food donation opportunities.

Recycling Program Design & Set Up.

CGC will visit your organization, assess your waste streams and operations, and provide options for sustainable waste management solutions tailored to your organization. Every business, school, or residence has a different set-up and staff, so each organization’s needs vary.

Zero Waste Event Planning & Rentals.

Add organics to the collection stream at your next event and reduce your waste drastically. We offer any organization the opportunity to compost and recycle, with both services and material rentals for setting up Zero Waste Events.

Employee Education & Training.

Kitchen staff training is essential to diverting food scraps from landfills and implementing a successful program. Through multicultural education and incentive-based efforts, CGC has experienced success in training kitchen staff, even monitoring uptake of the new practices until a routine and understanding is clearly formed.

Student & School Education.

CGC has developed programs to educate and excite student bodies of varying grade levels in the interesting world of composting. Including school assembly content, field trip organization, and informational signage.

Custom Signage.

CGC creates clear, modern signage that will match the food items, products, and serviceware that you use at your organization or event. Our approach to signage has been tested in kitchens across the city, and we believe our method truly helps. CGC also provides options for infographic signage to teach staff of the greater impact of composting.

Product Sourcing.

Whether you’re starting a composting program or hosting a Zero Waste Event, CGC can help you source compostable serviceware, bin liners, and collection materials. It’s important to know that not all “compostable” material is created equal; some commercial composting facilities do not accept all Certified Compostable Products.

Community Innovation & Development.

Investing in small-scale pilot ventures within specific communities of NYC for composting solutions. Providing networking connections and solutions to other small businesses and organizations in the sustainability sector.

Common Ground can help you start composting!

Whether you’re a school, non-profit, business, or resident – our goal is to divert organics.

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