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Waste in the Community Presents: The Seed Series with Jesi Taylor!

Written by Jesi Taylor



The values of communication and transparency are important in community-building spaces.


Which brings us to the primary topic at hand: waste, trash, refuse, garbage.


While out of sight and out of mind to many people, waste infrastructure and materials are connected to all beings on this planet in a complex, extensive kinship network. Not only does waste directly impact earth’s natural systems, soils, waters, and the beings who call them home, but waste also impacts our day-to-day lives as we navigate our social world. Unfortunately, the ways that waste impacts our day-to-day lives differ depending on factors such as race and class. The Seed Series seeks to demystify the processes that make that possible.


We don’t have any time to waste.


The Common Ground Compost Seed Series begins on February 7th and will introduce participants to key topics and issues in the world of discard studies; a growing, transdisciplinary field that centers how waste impacts our world. From the role of waste in pop culture to the lifesaving care work of sanitation workers to the relationship between death care and waste inequity, and so much more, this series serves as a point of departure for participants to learn more about how they can take action steps toward being anti-colonial in their approach to climate justice.


Each virtual event will take place over Zoom and last an hour with time for Q+A in the final 10-15 minutes. The host of the series is journalist, Discard Studies Co-Editor, philosophy graduate student, and TRUE Advisor Jesi Taylor, Common Ground Compost’s Education Advocacy Manager. Her work and research lies at the intersection of Black Studies, Genocide Studies, Ethics, and Legal Theory with a focus on how waste mismanagement disproportionately impacts criminalized and chronically disenfranchised communities.


The first two events of the series are free and the links to join are here: Seed Series 1: “Waste” As A Construct + Seed Series 2: Waste Colonialism and Inequity. The following eight events are pay-what-you-can with a suggested donation of $50 and tickets are available via Eventbrite. All funds will go toward expanding Common Ground Compost’s Equity, Justice, and Advocacy work through the Waste in the Community division led by Jesi Taylor.


The dates are as follows (click links for tickets!):


February 7th
Learn about the cultural evolution of the conceptions of “waste” and disposability.


February 28th
Learn about how the concept of “waste” perpetuates systems of violence and cultures of domination.


March 7th
Examine how disposability politics and waste inequity disproportionately and purposely impact certain communities.


March 14th
Learn about how the death care industry perpetuates waste colonialism and harms the environment.


March 21st
Learn about how humans have engaged with naturally occurring materials and waste materials to make art throughout history.


March 28th
Examine how themes related to waste in popular media impact how we relate to waste conceptually and in our daily lives.


April 4th
Learn about the lifesaving labor and care work of sanitation workers and why they need our support.


April 11th
Learn about the relationship between structural racism, colonialism, and food apartheid in the context of waste inequity.


April 18th
Examine how waste mismanagement impacts hydrological, agricultural, and soil-based systems on this planet.


April 25th
Learn about how colonialism impacts urban tree ecology, related planning initiatives, and conversations about urban green spaces.


Thank you and we hope to see you there!


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