Welcome to Common Ground Compost, where food is treasured beginning to end.
We’re an organization dedicated to the reorganization of recycling in NYC, and we want to help you compost!
How we can help your business comply with NYC's composting and recycling regulations:
In an urban environment, there are many different ways to participate in composting — it really depends on who you are, to figure out what part of the process applies to you.
Looking To Learn About Compost?
Are you a business looking for information on NYC's recycling and composting rules?
What Is Compost?
Click for a crashcourse in the process, science, and lingo behind recycling organics.
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The Importance For NYC
Actually, it’s about to be essential. New laws are in the works to make composting a priority in the Big Apple!
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Get Started Today
Learn different methods and tricks of the trade, to start or advance your project.

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Check Out Our Resource Library!
We dug in and did some research to curate a collection of education & training references perfect for the urban composter.
Common Ground Wants To Help You Compost.

Consulting, advice, or rolling up sleeves. We’re all in. At Common Ground, the recycling of organic material is our priority. We’re always open to new ideas and into new challenges.

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